Rodent Season

Rodent Season is back. Keeping up with scheduled inspections is vital to prevent this threat from hurting your family or business. Laid To Rest Pest also has a catch and release option for larger rodents and small animals. Call us today to schedule your regular inspections.

Fall Invaders

It is that time of year when Stink Bugs and Boxelder Bugs become a larger problem compared to the rest of the year. Call Laid To Rest Pest to make sure that these invaders don't get the chance to infest your home or business! Call to set up your appointment @ 570-709-5769.

Residential Services

Regular services keep the pests and rodents away, but if these services lapse, the pest problem may return. Keep up-to-date with your monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services to make sure that your unwanted guests stay away for good. Call Laid To Rest Pest today to set up your account.

New Commercial Accounts

New Commercial accounts, upon signup, are now receiving their first month of service for FREE! Call 570-709-5769 to start a new account and keep your business pest-free!

Laid To Rest Pest is expanding more and more into commercial property extermination, and as such, is gaining more and more commercial clients. Commercial property owners are welcome to call Laid To Rest Pest @ 570-709-5769 for details of our commercial services, and commercial references are available upon request.